Sister Hwang’s Journey!!

Last Saturday (2017/5/27), our investigator Sister Hwang (황복남자매님) got baptised! It was such a special experience for all of us. We actually met Sister Hwang on my very first Sunday in 강릉 last year! And she’s been studying with the missionaries since then and had prepared for this special day for almost a year! She is such a special daughter of our Heavenly Father – and everyone who meet her can feel it. She’s actually deaf but with the help of hearing aids, she can hear and speak a little bit. I still vividly remember the first time I met her last year. We had just finished door knocking an apartment complex and we were on our way back home for dinner. My companion and I were both feeling kinda bummed because absolutely no one wanted to talk with us. Then we just said hi to Sister Hwang on the street and she stopped and said hi back! We got talking and she wanted to go to a park near by and talk a bit more. We were able to share a bit about the Book of Mormon and exchange contact details. To be honest, I don’t really know how much she got out of that short meeting because I couldn’t really understand what she was saying – but I just remember praying for the gift of tongues so hard during it. We were able to set up appointments almost every week since then and start teaching her about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. She was attending a different sign language church so it was hard for her to give that up and come to our church, which was a big concern for all of us. She would come to our sacrament meeting but then go to her sign language church afterwards. We just continued to show her a lot of love and tried to understand things from her perspective. Then out of no where, she tells us that she’s decided to not attend her church anymore because God doesn’t want her to attend two different churches!!! She even talked to the priest at her other church and completely made up her mind. IT WAS THE BIGGEST MIRACLE OF MY MISSION. We’ve been praying for her like crazy and it was the most direct answer to our prayers. She may not be able to hear well, but her heart is so open to the whispering of the Holy Ghost. I’ve had some of my most spiritual lessons I’ve had on my mission with her. Even though it’s been difficult at times teaching her, I am so grateful that the Lord has guided us and reminded each time to never give up on her through his spirit. I love Sister Hwang, and I am so excited to continue helping her on her journey – next step is the temple!! woop wopp!

Lately, I’ve been praying every night to be able to continue staying fully focused on the Lord’s work and not get distracted… well my prayer has been answered every time! I’ve been dreaming about missionary work and our investigators EVERY single night the past week. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I first started my mission and now I get to experience it again! I’m thankful that God is helping in stay focused but at the same time, I wake up feeling EXHAUSTED haha! It feels like I never even went to sleep!! Oh well, I gotta count my blessings I guess.


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