Aim for Average

It’s absolutely crazy how fast last transfer flew by! A few days ago, I was walking down streets in 강릉 with Sister Preisler, but Sister Preisler is now home with her family… I miss her lots and I absolutely love her! We had so much fun serving together- and we worked hard everyday. I’d never served with someone in their last transfer before so it was a strange experience to send someone home! She helped me find to always focus on others and find joy in little things everyday. As sister missionaries, most of us set way too high expectations for ourselves and feel useless and inadequate when things don’t work out as we planned.., it’s definitely something I’ve struggled A LOT on my mission. I was reading an article about unhealthy perfectionism one day and one of the advice was to “aim for average”. We made that our motto for the transfer and worked hard!! It was such a miracle transfer and I am so grateful to know that as long as we are trying our best, we will always be guided and protected. My new companion is Sister Lampert from Virginia. She is half-Korean and half-Mexican!! She is such a fun person to be around. I love her so much already!!

I want to share a really special experience I had last week! We are currently meeting with some really prepared investigators right now. One of them is actually someone I met in my very first week in 강릉 last year. We had just finished knocking on doors for over an hour with no immediate results and we were on our way home, when we met 황복남자매님(Sister Hwang). She was happy to see us and wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon. She has a hearing impediment so it was a bit difficult to communicate when we actually started teaching her but we used body language and relied on the gift of tongues. It was difficult but we knew that she was special and had a sincere desire. When I left 강릉, it was really difficult for the two foreigner sister missionaries to teach her… so they prayed and fasted for a miracle. The next transfer, Elder Song, who’s fluent in Korean Sign Language got transferred to 강릉 so he was able to teach her all of the lessons without any language barrier. Then just last week, Elder Song got transferred out of 강릉 so we got to start teaching Sister Hwang again. One of the problems she was facing was that she has a calling at her sign language church and it was hard for her to leave everything. Then as we were discussing ways to help her as a district we realised that she need to understand that we are not asking her to give up everything and that as long as she is committed, she can still serve the deaf members in her sign language church. When we met with Sister Hwang, we explained that as long as she attends our church every week, she doesn’t have to end her relationships with the members in her Sign Language church. She was in tears and so grateful that she could keep her friendships and expressed her genuine and sincere desire to be baptised this month. It was a humbling experience and a reminder that God loves every one of his children. I am really excited for her to prepare for her baptism and make that sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father.


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