NZ vs Australia

Introducing my new companion… Sister Lee!! Yes, we are very sisterly 😉 Sorry about my dry humour haha. Not only are our names the same but we are pretty much twins! We are both Korean but we both moved overseas when we were young! – she moved to Australia in December 2015 and I moved to New Zealand a month later in January 2016! Apparently we both have strange accents when we speak English.. according to our fellow American missionaries. It’s quite interesting trying to teach English to Koreans because neither of us have American accent and Korean people want to learn American pronunciation hah! We are similar in so many ways that even our mission president wanted to give us a ‘twin award’ at our conference!! I have to admit, she’s way better at Korean than me though.. She started her mission at the same time as Sister Call in August 2016, but in the beginning of her second transfer, she hurt her foot so had to go back home for a while. We are all so glad that she’s back now! I’m especially glad and grateful that she’s back because I get to serve with someone who I can relate so well with.

Last weekend, we had stake conference! One of the speakers shared an equation for righteousness.

righteous action + righteous intent/purpose = righteousness

Then he shared some examples:
1. wanting to help the poor so stealing food off someone else and giving it to the poor does not equal righteousness, because even though the intent was righteous, the action was not.
2. going to church every Sunday but only to hang out with your friends does not equal righteousness because even though the action was righteous, the intent was not.

You may read this and think, duhh.. it’s so obvious. but this simple and obvious equation was a good reminder for me to review my actions and intent so that I can always be sure that everything I do leads to righteousness and thus I can be sure that I am following God’s will. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up and want a spiritual prompting from God for every single decision we make, but as we keep this equation, we can be sure that God will be happy with our decisions.


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