First Snow Day!

We had our very first snow of this winter last week!! It suddenly got super cold on Tuesday and then it snowed on Saturday. As missionaries, we don’t have access to weather forecast, so it was a big surprise to us! Well… actually, Sister Calda’s been praying for snow lately before because she’s from the Philippines and she really wanted to experience snow! haha

In Korea, everyone makes kimchi in November or December, and stores the kimchi for the whole year in their ‘kimchi fridge’. Two weeks ago, all of the missionaries in our zone went to a community centre and we made SOOOO MUCH kimichi. I’ve never ever seen that much kimchi in my life! I probably still smell like kimchi. I’ve helped my mum make kimchi before but I never realised how difficult and exhausting it is till now… well, that wasn’t the end… haha! I’ve made kimchi 3 times this month so far and we are having another big kimchi making event next week…

The American base in Seoul is part of our area, which means we get to meet all of the American military families in 서울! And it also means, we are get absolutely spoiled on American holidays like Thanksgiving! I had my first Thanksgiving dinner with the Eyring’s this year. They have the cutest family! Then on Monday, we had dinner with the Paragoy family. They have this quote on their door that says “Home is where the military sends me.” They’ve pretty much lived EVERY continent in the world! Sister Paragoy has the most fun and bold personality ❤ she’s so easy to connect with! The most awkward and strange part is having to pray in English at the end.. I really need to start practicing praying in English now 😛

We saw a big miracle last week! Sister Engebretsen went on exchanges with Sister Kirton on Wednesday so we went to Shinchon to exchange back on Thursday night. But they had a Thanksgiving dinner with a member, so they were going to be late and we were stuck in a different area… As Sister Calda and I were waiting, we called some people and tried to use the time effectively. Once we had called everyone on our list, we did some ‘random call time’, where we would randomly go through the contacts on our phone and and call whoever we stopped on. We stopped on someone who the previous missionaries met on the street in January this year, but hasn’t been contacted before. To be honest, I was kind of nervous to call her because we had no information about her and didn’t know what to expect. But we called her anyway and to our surprise, she remembered the missionaries and was so grateful that we had called! Her life since January had gone completely southwards. She was fired from her dream job, forced to move back to Gwangju with her family, and is now back studying again. She sounded very depressed and admitted that she even had suicidal thoughts that day. We were able to share our testimonies about the Plan of Salvation and share our Heavenly Father’s love for her. When we ended the call, she was much happier and so thankful for the call. This experience made me so thankful to know about our loving Heavenly Father who cares about us and has a plan for each one of us! The Plan of Salvation helps me to see my life in a bigger picture and overcome trials with a more positive outlook and hope.


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