I’m now back in the big, crazy city of Seoul! I am serving in the biggest area in the mission, 신당(Shindang), with my two wonderful companions, Sister Calda and Sister Engebretsen. Sister Engebretsen’s name is very difficult for Koreans to say so they’ve started calling her Sister ‘Eng’ (잉) now.. Sister Calda is from the Philippines and Sister Engebretsen is from Alaska. Quite an international trio right? 😛 I just realised I haven’t served with a companion from Utah yet! haha.

This is actually the third time being in a trio on my mission so far. It’s always a fun adventure being in a trio! – we have to be more conscious of time, especially in the morning when we get ready and also we have to be strategic when we are out proselyting because we don’t want to overwhelm people with three of us! I’m so excited to be in a trio again and learn from both of them.

My new area, 신당 is completely different to my last two areas. This is my first time serving in a big ward! I’ve only served in small branches with around 30 members and small chapels, but Shindang has a huge chapel with three levels and around 150 members. I have to admit, it’s much harder to memorise all of the members’ names now but I’m always up for a challenge.

The Lord’s work is progressing well in 신당. There are so many prepared people here, but we just need to help them see the importance of applying the gospel in their own lives. We are working with a family who’s been attending English Class every week for several years now. We only just started Family English program with them a few weeks ago and in the beginning, the father was completely against anything to do with church but over the years, his heart has softened and we are now teaching the whole family! Last week, we invited them to come to church on Sunday and the mum and little girl actually came!! The little girl LOVED primary and wants to be part of primary presentation next week 🙂 I love how the Lord’s timing is so perfect! We’ve only taught them a few times, but the Lord is really softening their hearts and I’m so grateful to be a witness of His love.

Sister Engebretsen arrived in Korea just over a week ago, so she is still trying to adjust to the time difference. It’s so cute watching her trying to stay awake during lessons and planning sessions at night. It reminds me of me in my first week in Korea! I would try so hard to stay awake but I always fell asleep as soon as it hit 7pm and my trainer had to try and wake me up every night for like a week… oops!! Sister 잉 is doing great and I’m proud of her for working so hard despite the jetlag! Oh and even though we are from two completely different countries, we actually have a mutual friend!! Crazy right?!

Since Sister Engebretsen is a new missionary, EVERYTHING is completely new to her and it’s really exciting to see how enthusiastic she is to learn the language, culture and about missionary work. We were walking on the street one night and there was a lady who was walking in front of us. I encouraged Sister Engebretsen to start a conversation with her by complimenting on her bag. So we started walking a little faster to catch up to her, and I whispered in her ear what she could say… Well, the lady had ear phones in and so Sister Eng walks straight in front of her and blurts out the sentence! She got such a freight and was so annoyed at us!!! Oh man, we just apologised and walked away REALLY fast… Eeek embarrassing!! haha. We had a great laugh about that incident afterwards! Even though we will need to work on the approach a little bit more, I really admire how fearless and willing Sister Engebretsen is all the time. She is not afraid to make mistakes and she’s just so cool about everything!- something I definitely need to learn from her haha.


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