Bye Bye Gangreung, Anyeonghaseyo Shindang!

Two weeks ago, Sister Call and I got to hike up 설악산 in 속초! It was a 8km hike and it was all fun till we got to the last 1km. The last km was an absolute killer – it was pure uphill with over 2000 stairs. We didn’t have much time to take a break because we had to get back home on time to email, shop and etc, so we started to sprint up those stairs! Then when we were nearly there, Sister Call and I were both exhausted and we kept doubting whether we could make it and started to wonder if we should just give up and go back down. But we had already made up our mind to reach the top so we kept encouraging each other to continue and to stay positive. It took a bit of time and a lot of sweat, but we finally got to the top! It was absolutely AMAZING. We were blown away by how beautiful God’s creation truly is. On our way to the top, we thought we had already seen everything that this mountain had to offer – well, we had no idea what was waiting for us at the top. The view from the top was completely different and so beautiful with all of the leaves changing color. This experience reminded me of our lives on the Earth. Right now, we have no idea what joy, peace and beauty awaits us in the Celestial Kingdom. Sometimes life may get hard and we start to wonder and down about the path we are on. We sometimes want to give up and choose an easier route. However, as we keep our end goal in mind and continue to support each other on the way – I know that our loving Heavenly Father and our Saviour are waiting for us with their arms wide open.

At Elder Bednar’s conference, one of the questions I had at the end was "How do you know when you are doing your best?". While I was with Sister Call, I wanted to be the best example for her. As a trainer, i wanted to give it all and show her how important it is to use the lord’s time wisely, to love the people and also have fun! We REALLY tried to be EXACTLY obedient and rely on the Lord at all times. And we were blessed to see a lof of miracles together. However I still felt inadequate. To be honest, I think especially as sisters we can be really hard on ourselves at times.
Looking back, I know that i tried and that’s really all our heavenly father expects of us. My ‘best’ could be less that my best yesterday but I learnt that it’s all about giving it all that day and trying more tomorrow.

So on Saturday night, we got our transfer call and sadly, I will be transferring to back to Seoul… I will be serving in 신당 in a trio again! I’ve only served in small branches so far, so I’m a little nervous to serve in a big ward.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve with Sister Call in 강릉. She has taught me more than I could’ve ever taught her. Being a trainer has really helped me to understand the meaning of quote, "the greatest leaders are the greatest followers." Seeing how diligent she is everyday has pushed me to give it all. She inspires me everyday with her testimony and her willingness to follow God’s will. Also Sister Call and I are similar in so many ways that whenever she is struggling with something – I understand how she feels. Watching her reminds me so much of when I was a greenie, which helps me to understand and support her better. I am so thankful that she is my companion and most importantly that she is my eternal friend.

My time in 강릉 may be ending soon but I will never forget the memories I have of this beautiful and blessed area, especially with all of the amazing members. One of the biggest lessons I learnt while being in 강릉 is that you can completely change your area according to God’s will by your attitude and diligence. Before I came to 강릉, everyone told me that it’s a small countryside area, so there are not many people and it’s really difficult to find investigators. I came to the area with this mindset and it was difficult at first because we had no investigators for the first few weeks, but I always remembered the Lord’s promise that as long as we will try our best, he will guide us to meet prepared people. We worked hard and were blessed to meet so many prepared people with real intent and genuine desire to learn about God. I’ve never been this busy on my lessons with lessons. I now have a strong testimony that with the Lord on your side, anything is possible. I will miss Sister Call and 강릉, but I’m excited to continue the work in my new area in 신당.

Sister Lee


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