“I am going to live for my Heavenly Father”

On September 25 2016, our beautiful investigator, Sister Jo, was baptised! Sister Jo, 조영란자매님,’s baptismal service was so powerful. When it was time for her to bear her testimony, she was so nervous that she just sat there for a few minutes in silence trying to build up the courage to get up. After a few attempts, we decided to go up with her and we stood next to her while she bore her testimony. Despite her nerves in the beginning, her testimony was pure and powerful. It was filled with such strong spirit. She shared her conversion story about how she received an English flyer on the street one day and when she realised that it was at a church, she threw the flyer out in the trash bin. But she was really desperate and decided to give it a go. When she first came to English class in my first week in 강릉, she straight up told me that she’s not interested in joining the church because she’s had rough past with religions that she was just sick of everything. But then her heart softened over the next few weeks and wanted to learn more about who God really is. As she met with us, she was able to recognise God’s guidance in her life and feel happiness and joy again. As she was bearing her testimony, EVERYONE in the congregation was in tears. The spirit was SO powerful in the room. Then afterwards, the missionaries sang “I Feel my Savior’s Love” for her. I got through the first verse fine but when we got to the second verse, I felt my Savior Love and I just couldn’t stop crying. I tried to sing but my voice wouldn’t come out…

Sister Jo has been prepared in every way possible to accept the gospel. She really was a “golden investigator”. When we first invited her to be baptised, she wasn’t sure about it and didn’t know if that was necessary. So we asked her to pray about it and to make the decision when she is ready. The next week, she came to church and told us that she’s received her answer and that she has made a promise with God that she will do and accept everything that we ask her to do.

I want to share a something that Sister Jo told us yesterday after she received her gift of the Holy Ghost. “The first 20 years of my life, I lived under my parents. The next 20 years, I lived under my husband. The last 20 years of my life, I lived for myself. Now the remaining next 20 years of my life, I am going to live for my Heavenly Father.” I feel incredible sense of humility and gratitude to be part of her conversion. Her testimony and faith strengthens mine. I can’t wait to go to the temple with her and I can already imagine her serving as a temple worker in the next few years!

I absolutely LOVE serving with my beautiful companion, Sister Call. We’ve only been with each other for 7 weeks but we are becoming each other… we think alike, act alike, dress alike and it kind of freaks us out sometimes!! I love seeing her grow and progress, not just with the language but as a missionary. She helps me to work harder everyday and motivates me to give everything to the Lord. She is such a great example to me ❤ I love sharing what we learnt during Personal Study because we feel comfortable enough to freely express our feelings and ask questions. We are seeing SOO many miracles everyday as we continue to humble ourselves and work in unity. We are not perfect by ourselves, but together, we are a step closer 🙂

This month is filled with so many exciting conferences- starting with general conference next week, district conference and mission conference with Elder Bednar!!


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