Are you willing to change?

I can’t believe that we are starting the last week of Sister Call’s first transfer already!

I LOVE our district!! We are honoured to have Elder and Sister Schwieger serving with us in our district as well. They are pretty much our mission parents! They are SOO willing to help us with missionary work and ALL of the members LOVE them so much. For example, last night, we were visiting a new investigator we met while street boarding. Her house was almost impossible to find but they found it on the map for us, drove us there and waited in the car for over an hour for us to finish!! I don’t know what we would’ve done without their help and support. LOVE THE SCHWIEGERS SO MUCH! ❤ Their Korean is getting better everyday and we can now even ask Sister Schwieger to say the prayer and bear her testimony in Korean during lessons with our investigators hehe.

Last week was 추석(Korean Thanksgiving holiday) so we had a mission 추석 conference! We learnt a lot about our Prophet Joseph Smith. So grateful for his endless sacrifice and faith. In the movie, Emma Smith asks him “Do you ever wonder if God asks too much” and Joseph Smith answers “no I do not let myself.” It made me realise again that we control every thought and our actions, no matter what situation we are in.

-One day, we had arrived at our investigator’s house 20 minutes early so we were waiting outside her house and this lady just came up to us and asked if we were the Mormon missionaries. We started talking to her and turns out she is a former investigator about 3 years ago. She was in a big accident and hurt her back pretty badly. She had been wanting to throw out some books in her house so asked us for our help. We were able to help her and set up a return appointment! So we met with her yesterday and she had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. She had received one from the previous missionaries but didn’t really understand what it was about. We taught her the Restoration and she seemed to understand and accept it well. She said that she had been humbled a lot in the past few months because of the accident she was in. We are so excited to continue meeting with her and help her gain the happiness and joy she deserves.

-At the start of this transfer, Sister Call and I set a goal to find a family investigator. I’ve never taught a family on my mission so far so we were both really excited for this goal. We’ve been praying to find a family who is ready to hear the gospel and last Friday while we were street boarding, we started talking to this mum of two kids. She is from the Philippines and is married to a Korean. She had heard about the Mormons before and was interested in learning about our religion. We were able to visit her yesterday and it was the funnest discussion ever! She had so many good questions and was so involved in the lesson. She’s been to pretty much every church possible in the Philippines but isn’t attending one right now. She’s never been able to find one that really feels right. She wants to come to our church and see what it’s like next Sunday!

– Our investigaor, Sister Jo, will be baptiesd this Sunday. Something that Elder Schwieger said to us yesterday morning really stood out to me. He said “조영란자매님(our investigator) has changed 180 degrees in the past few weeks. The gospel is what she needed. You are very blessed to be part of such a great and ideal conversion.” I think as a missionary, it’s really easy to get caught up on the details of the conversion process, like planning what we principles we need to teach this week, who we are going to teach with and what we need to do to help them prepare for baptism , that we forget to take a step and reflect on how much the gospel has really changed their lives so far. The first time 조영란자매님 came to English class a few months ago, she straight up asked me if attending English classes meant she has to come to church and believe in Christ because if that was required, she didn’t want to be part of it. She’s had really rough past with churches. But as we shared our messages about our gospel every week, her heart began to often. She asked to do 30/30 program with us and she just began to progress and change so much! Whenever she bears her testimony about how much happier she is now and how praying helps her control her emotions, it strengthens my testimony. We can all see she that she has gained SOOO much more confidence, courage, light and happiness – all thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a different person inside and out. I know that this gospel is the way to eternal happiness and I feel so grateful and honored to be part of her conversion.

Exciting news! Elder Bednar is coming to our mission next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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