The past month has been absolutely crazy busy! Covering two areas, Gangreung and Sokcho, and having to go back and forth so much in this hot sizzling and HUMID weather made it an unforgettable transfer. I’ve NEVER been so hot and sweaty in my life… not even after a 10km run!! In Korean summer, as soon as you go outside and start walking or even moving slightly, you are immediately dripping in sweat. I sometimes ask myself how I am getting through each day and night here, but I guess I’ve learnt to just accept it now haha.

It’s been exciting meeting so many different people from both areas and getting to know members of both branches! All the branches in 강원도(Gangwondo) district have a very family-like environment. I love that I got to be part of two big families!! ❤ I can’t wait till District conference in October when I will get to see my Sokcho family again.

We got our transfer calls on Saturday and I will be staying in Gangreung with a new greeenie companion! I will get to meet her tomorrow and I’m so nervous 😮 The last time I trained, I was half-training a Korean sister, so she already knew all of the rules and we could just get straight to work.. Now I’m not too sure! It will definitely been a learning step for me and a very needed opportunity to continue developing patience and love.

I feel like with every transfer and companion, I learn more about how I can become more Christlike. With Sister Kirton, I learnt to be more obedient and diligent. With Sister Yeom, I learnt to have more Christlike love and charity. With Sister Jo, I learnt to have empathy. With Sister Svobodova, I learnt to be more gentle and caring. With Sister Arcilla, I learnt to be more patient with myself and others.
I love all of my companions and everything they’ve taught me by their example. I hope I can be just as good of an example to my new companion as my previous companions have been to me.

This transfer, I’ve been able to apply some of the things we share as missionaries everyday to my own life, especially the gift of repentance. As I tried to repent every night of the mistakes and sins I made during the day, I was able to gain a new strength and energy to continue on. I am so grateful for the gift of repentance and that through Jesus Christ, we can be blessed with a more positive and humble attitude to continue on the next day.


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