This week has been full of new experiences as we prepared with Sister 최옥희 for her baptism on Saturday. She is 70 years old, but let me tell you… she is the most energetic 70 year old lady I’ve ever met in my life! She has more energy than most of the missionaries.
We started teaching her about 6 weeks ago when she first came to our English Class. We could feel that she had something more than just English interest. We invited her to come to church that Sunday and she’s been attending church every Sunday since that week. I’m so grateful for the opportunity Sister 염은진 and I had to teach 최옥희 자매님 and see her change. Listening to her testimony at the baptism service about how this is the happiest day of her life and how her heart has changed and that she now has a greater desire to love and treat her daughter more kindly strengthened my testimony of how powerful the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is. I know that faith in Jesus Christ and the knowledge that we are children of Heavenly Father can really change lives. It brings us happiness beyond what we can imagine.

I always wondered how missionaries would feel when they have a baptism. I imagined it would be the most exciting day and you’d feel a sense of accomplishment. I was wrong. To be honest, this experience has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I know that God has provided me with this opportunity because I needed to learn about the importance of love and understanding. Even though it was difficult for me to understand her situation when we first started teaching her, as we showed her lots of love and tried to really see things from her perspective, she was able to trust us more and we were able to help her gain a stronger faith in Jesus Christ. Helping someone come unto Christ is not an ‘accomplishment’. I am humbled to know this. I feel so thankful and happy that she is able feel a greater sense of purpose and happiness in her life now.

Although our progressing investigator dropped us this week, we will take this opportunity to find new investigators who are prepared to hear the gospel. I’ve learnt that we can’t let ourselves get down when an investigator drops us, but instead go forward with a more positive attitude and use this precious time effectively.

Hope everyone has a great week! ❤ love you all~~


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