“love transfers into power”

At District Meeting last week, we focused on the topic of ‘love’ and we discussed different things we would do if we really loved the people. One of the things our District Leader, Elder Seely, said really stood out to me. He said “love transfers into power when teaching.” This is so true because when we love them more, we truly desire their salvation.

As a missionary, we meet sooo many people all in different situations. Some are poor, some are well off, some are old, some are young and etc. Recently, I’ve been focusing on really loving the people that we meet & teach. My companion, Sister Yeom, is such a great example of having genuine love for everyone. She is so patient and understanding, even when their situation is completely different to her situation. When I asked her how I could love others more, she shared about how we need to put ourselves in their situation and try and understand how they are feeling and what they are going through. This is such a simple concept but I definitely needed that reminder.

We are currently working with a less active who is addicted to smoking and drinking. We’ve been trying to help her quit for a while now but she was still struggling and her health is worsening quickly. I realised that instead of just telling her to try this and that, we needed to put ourselves in her shoes and understand & feel some of the stress & pain that she feels everyday. So in order to help her better, we made a commitment with her that Sister Yeom and I won’t eat sugar! Sugar is something we eat EVERYDAY, especially because it’s super hot now and all we want is a nice cold ice block! It’s only been a week but I’ve definitely felt tempted over and over again… Even though we only just started it, I’ve been able to gain a more genuine Christlike love for her. I can’t wait till the day she can be free from this burden and be healthier again!

Sister Yeom and I will be staying another transfer in Imun!! WOOPWOOP!
Love serving with her and all the miracles we get to see together.

Hope you have a great day~
Sister Lee


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