Happy Children’s and Mothers’ Day!

This is a very belated update!! Our email time has cut in half to only an hour now so it’s a struggle to get everything done…

My new companion is Sister Yeom Eunjin, 염은진! She is so beautiful and has the best personality!! She’s been serving in her greenie area, Wonju(원주) for the last 6 transfers so it’s her first time being in a different area. At first I was super nervous to introduce her the area because I felt like I didn’t even know the area that well, but the Holy Ghost is guiding us for sure! She’s soo patient and understanding – the two attributes I REALLY need to work on haha.

Lately I’ve been doubting whether I am working hard enough because I’m not as physically drained and exhausted as I was as a greenie. However, I’ve been able to find comfort in the fact that Sister Yeom and I have been able to see SOOO many miracles while serving together. Our prayers to find Korean investigators is being answered and we are meeting people on the street that we’ve been praying to meet for a while. I definitely think it’s an honor that God is trusting us with these miracles and guiding us to where we need to be.

This week was a week full of celebrations! Our zone held a face painting & cookie decorating activity in front of 어린이대공원 on Children’s day… we had NOO idea how many people there would be!! We ended up face painting for 4 hours non-stop. It was definitely the perfect opportunity to share about our Free English Classes!! Then it was Mother’s day on Sunday so we made every parent in our branch a message card.

Happy Mothers’ day to all of the mothers!! thank you for your sacrifice and example ❤

Sister Lee


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