Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!! It’s such a special time of the year. As missionaries, we’ve been focusing a lot on Jesus Christ and His Resurrection the last few weeks in preparation for Easter. Every time I hear a testimony of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us, whether it’s from another missionary, a member or in the scriptures, it makes me feel so thankful. Because of Christ’s Atonement and resurrection, we all have the opportunity to live again.

It broke my heart reading about the 4 missionaries who were injured in Belguim explosion last week. It’s difficult to understand why missionaries who work so hard to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ are going through such a traumatic and devastating trial… but I feel like the only way we can find hope and peace during this time is through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. He suffered every single pain and trial, both spiritually and physically, and it’s only through Him that we can find a light of hope.

The Lord has blessed us with so many miracles the past few weeks. Last Sunday, after church, we had planned to meet with a girl from Russia that we met while street boarding a few days earlier, but there was no way of confirming because she only has kakaotalk. We waited for like 20 minutes and she didn’t show up, so we stopped and prayed on the side of the road that we will be able to meet with SOMEONE so that we won’t waste the Lord’s time. We had an idea of visiting this cafe to see if one of the guys we met a few weeks ago was there. He is from the States and only has kakaotalk so we’ve been trying to find him for weeks without success!

We started walking for like 2 minutes and we saw another girl that we met really briefly a few days ago while street boarding! She’s from Elsavador πŸ˜€ we said hi and we just chatted for a good 15 minutes πŸ˜› she really opened up to us and although she was on her way to go shopping, she just wanted to talk to us more! so we just walked to the cafe together and chatted there for like a hour πŸ˜€ she told us her relationship with God, her spiritual experiences and how she is in the process of repentance. It was the first Sunday that she’s attended a church in a very long time, so it was another miracle that we were able to meet her after her church meeting.

On Friday & Saturday, we had an Easter Zone activity! All of the missionaries made cookies and we held a free cookie decorating activity! Koreans seriously LOVE cookies, especially when they are free. We were able to talk to A LOT of people this week through this activity. One of the families I got to talk to while decorating cookies even came to our special Easter Music Night last night! It was such a great night and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to serve with such talented missionaries.

Also, one of the girls we talked to during Cookie activity came to church this Sunday! We taught her the first lesson after sacrament meeting, and she expressed in her prayer at the end, her desire to attend church every week! It’s amazing how the Lord really leads us everyday, even down to every step we take.

Have a great week and hope we can all recognise the blessings & miracles in our lives more!


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