Translation Fail

We have a member from Taiwan, Zoya, who’s on a short exchange to Korea for a month and she’s been attending our branch. Last Sunday was fast & testimony meeting, so Zoya wanted to bear her testimony and she wanted met to translate for her! I was feeling nervous because my Korean is still a bit rough, but I didn’t want to take away the opportunity for her to share her testimony so I accepted the challenge. We both went up to the podium and she started bearing her testimony in English. It was all going great… well I that’s what I thought! till everyone in the congregation started laughing!! I was so confused so I stopped speaking, and that’s when I realised that I had been re-translating her testimony into ENGLISH! Oh my goodness, it was the most embarrassing thing EVER! hahaha. I saw Sister Kirton laughing her head off in the congregation and I seriously couldn’t stop laughing… I had to compose myself somehow and finish translating her testimony though. It was definitely a struggle, but at least I was able to provide some entertainment for the members! :p


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