“When you are on your mission, days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days.”

Sister Kirton told me this quote yesterday and it’s so true! Every Monday, before emailing time, I write down all of the highlights of the week and it’s amazing to see how quickly weeks go by and how much we experience each day.

Imun is a very international area and we meet a lot of Chinese people on the street. So our district has started a Chinese Gospel Principles class. Every Friday night, we meet at the chapel and teach the missionary lessons in very basic English and Korean. Then they read the pamphlet in Chinese and discuss it among themselves. I feel like Chinese people are so accepting and a lot of them are wanting more out of their lives. Learning about God and the Gospel is fresh and interesting for them, because they’ve never thought about God before. It’s so exciting to see the class grow and see everyone’s progress.

Missionaries serving in Seoul are very fortunate to be able to attend the temple once every transfer. When I was sitting in the sealing room after our session, I looked around and realised that it was the exact same room that my family got sealed as an eternal family 15 years ago. I can’t quite describe exactly how I felt that moment, but it was truly amazing to be reminded that our family can be together FOREVER. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, peace and love. I’m so thankful for my parents and their decision to follow God and raise us in the Gospel. The moment they made that decision truly changed our lives forever and I will be forever grateful.

On Thursday, we had our 12 week Follow up! It was amazing to see my MTC zone again and see how much all of us have grown in the last 6 weeks. After 12 week follow up, I was on a subway back to our area, when this grandpa came and sat next to me. He looked at my Book of Mormon and asked if he could read it… It was so unexpected and at first, I was like “uhhhh, what?” haha. Turns out he’s been wanting to read the Book of Mormon for a long time and he was looking for missionaries so that he can get a copy. He’s read the Bible a few times but he really wanted to read the Book of Mormon before he died. I was able to share my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and it was definitely a refreshing experience to have someone else ask me about the Book of Mormon.

On Friday, our district had our second baptism for this transfer! It was such a sudden baptism that we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the preparation, but it was hands down the best baptism service I’ve ever attended. So many of our investigators and less active members were able to attend the service and everyone had a really good time. I was sitting next to one of our investigators from China, Kate, and I asked her if she understood everything because of the language barrier and her reply really stood out to me. She said “No, I can’t understand everything but I feel it in my heart.” Sadly, Kate goes back to China today so we won’t be able to meet with her anymore but I know that God is looking after her and that she will have the chance to learn more in the future!

Saturday was Sister Kirton’s Birthday!!! It was a super busy day with appointments, English class and Stake conference, but we still managed to spoil her a bit. Sister Peni, Sister Jones and I woke her up with our beautiful voices singing the Happy Birthday song… hehe. And then we surprised her with a Choco-Pie cake! I know it’s not the most beautiful cake… but it’s the thought that counts right? 😛 The best part of her birthday was finding out that we will be serving together for another transfer!! AHH, I love her so much ❤ I can’t wait to work harder and help build a stronger zion here in Imun.

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Lee


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